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Chicken Hatching with OZONE

Hatching chicks has to be one of the most rewarding challenges in the industry. The good news is with ozone we can make this a better environment for them to be born in.

Many chicks never make it into our world, a terrible loss for the farmer and his income. Although allowances are made for the loss in the birds that do not make it, with ozone these losses can be turned into additional profit.

Ozone being put into the air where the birds are hatching does away with the use of chemicals, which often has detrimental effects on the birds. Giving the birds a bacteria free environment enhances the survival rate and combined with ozonated water your birds will have the best possible start in life.

Benefits of ozone for Hatching:

  • Eliminates chemicals
  • A better environment for hatching
  • A better survival rate
  • A healthier bird
  • A bigger profit on your bottom line

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The Ozone system payoff with respect to Labor and Chemical usage was nine months

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