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Food Processing Plant and Ozone

Why use Ozone to clean areas, machinery, vessels etc. It simply does the job much more effectively than chlorine, bleach and many other preparations. It will save time, labour and money. Ozone can be used as a gas to disinfect areas or diluted with water, for washing down. Either way we at Ozone Efficiency have a product that will fit your needs, offering less downtime and a much safer biological environment.

Let's help speed up food processing 5,000 times more quickly than chlorine by using ozone sanitisation. Processing fish one of the most unpleasant smells known to mankind. Not only will ozone eliminate the smells, it will sanitise work services, floors and working tools with immediate effect.

Meat processing with ozone creates a safe clean working environment. Using ozone air sanitation can ensure that no bacteria will grow in the food processing area. Ensuring

walls, floors and equipment are kept bacteria free with ozone.

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The Ozone system payoff with respect to Labor and Chemical usage was nine months

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Whatever your business, affordable ozone generators will help